Our Cosmetic Tattoo Process & FAQ’s

The perfect eyebrows, eyeline, and lips are waiting for you

Cosmetic Tattoo Pre-Procedure


EXFOLIATION: Optimizes results. Required for lips and recommended for eyes.

LIPS: 4-5 days pre-procedure. Removing dry and dead skin for lip treatment dramatically improves comfort. Homemade scrub (comprising of sugar) is acceptable.
*If you are taking an antiviral for cold sores (compulsory), ignore the above and extra gently exfoliate lips 2 days pre-procedure instead.

EYES: 2-3 days prior to cosmetic tattoo we suggest an OccuSoft (Sensitive) treatment is available at the pharmacy (over the counter). It is specifically designed to exfoliate in between the lashes and lash line.

Things to Avoid & Consider

SKIN TRAUMA: Avoid chemical peels and microdermabrasion 4 weeks prior. Don’t wax or shave face 72 hours prior to any permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo procedure. Sunburn and tanning cause inflammation in the skin. This prevents optimal healing and diminishes pigment retention. Stay out of the sun and tanning beds leading up to your appointment.

CERTAIN SUBSTANCES: 24 hours prior to your appointment, do not have any caffeine, alcohol, niacin, vitamin E, blood thinners (ie. aspirin, ibuprofen). 1 week prior, stop taking fish oil supplements.

EYES: Stop using lash serum for as long as possible.

ANTIHISTAMINES: The permanent makeup procedure can initiate a mild histamine response (tearing and nasal congestion). Less common, light sensitivity can cause a similar reaction. We want to avoid any of these biological responses. We are not doctors, we are artists. However, it is our recommendation that clients take 10mg Certizine (Zyrtec), prior to arriving at the Studio. Please also consider bringing a spare tablet in case. Again, it is only a recommendation to help you during the cosmetic tattoo procedure.

CLOTHING: Comfort is key! Do not wear best clothes. Pigment can splatter.


EYES: Make up needs to come off for permanent makeup eye procedures. Unless you are coming from somewhere other than home, please do not put on eye makeup. Foundation is fine, but please be aware, sections will be wiped away.


  • BROWS: Any powder or pencil you usually wear
  • LIPS: Your favorite lipstick, lip gloss, or pencil – if you have
  • FOUNDATION: if you would like re-apply for your beautiful Transition Photos.

Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure

Pain Management

We have topical anesthetics that are effective in minimizing client discomfort and assisting with pain management. Unlike traditional tattoos, pigment from permanent makeup is not inserted so deeply. We try to work very gently in the skin. This helps keep skin trauma and pain to a minimum (imagine a mild discomfort). With effective exfoliation pre-procedure, clients will often refuse numbing as they are not in pain.

Interactive Pre-Draw

This is an interactive process in which we discuss your personal preferences and desired style for your permanent makeup. Mapping is extremely important as it helps us to determine your unique facial points of symmetry. We use the Golden Ratio Theory for the Brows and a measuring device to ensure accuracy. When the client and artist agree with the color match and desired outline, we progress to the Micropigmentation Procedure.

Micropigmentation Procedure

This is where the magic happens, you can relax and lie back listen to music. You may even fall asleep, it has happened before! You will emerge looking like your new and improved 2.0. There may be sensitivity or mild swelling and redness from the micropigmentation. The pigment from the permanent makeup is also very fresh and will lose pigment load during the healing.

Cosmetic Tattoo After Care & Touch Ups

After Care

Prior to the your permanent makeup Procedure, you will receive aftercare instructions and ointment. It is extremely important to follow for optimal results.

Avoid all moisture after your cosmetic tattoo procedure and protect yourself from the sun until the flaking (a natural part of the healing process) has completely subsided.

Flaking or scabbing for eyes and lips around 4-5 days, brows is 2-12 days. by this stage, the micropigmentation can temporarily look ashy and dull. When baby skin surfaces, beautiful pigment will begins to emerge.


Touch Up

Touch Up (2nd Session)

The touch up for most permanent makeup enhancements is scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial cosmetic tattoo procedure to ensure the skin has finished its healing process and the color has finished ‘developing’. Much quicker than the first session, a timely touch up is crucial for long-term pigment retention and colorfast. Touch up must be within 2 months of 1st micropigmentation session.

Annual Touch Up

Pigment will eventually soften and fade out over the years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. We recommended scheduling a minor ‘ink drink’ every 12 months.

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