We’ve seen it all – thick, thin, arched, curvy, overly-plucked, bushy…and the list goes on. Numerous eyebrow trends have come and gone in past decades, but one thing is for sure – great brows have always played an integral role in feeling beautiful, confident and ready to seize the day. And with the explosion of social media in recent years gave life to the viral hashtag, #EyebrowsOnFleek, prompting women (and men) to pay just a little more attention to the arches that frame their face. Beauty moguls such as Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Kim Kardashian are also to thank for inspiring those in pursuit of the perfect set of brows. And whether your perfect set of eyebrows are bushy and full or strong and groomed, it is 2018 and nearly anything is possible.

In reality, most of us simply do not have as much brow hair as we’d like to create that insta-worthy arch, or maybe we don’t favor the natural shape we were given. So…we spend our mornings drinking our coffee and filling in our brows, whether with powder, pencil or gel. But think about it this way – if you find yourself filling in your eyebrows for about 10 minutes each morning, that’s about 3,640 minutes every year or about three days of your life each year. Three days you could spend on a vacation or three days you could spend sleeping in just a little bit longer. And with all of these factors combined, it has led many women and men to one solution: micropigmentation.

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